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Posted: Monday, 9 May 2011 | Posted by Adam Townend | Labels: , , ,

I thought I'd give a quick evaluation of the live work I have done this year to sum up my experiences so far. I have had good and bad experiences. Some clients have been quite efficient and others have been non-existent.

I've had times where I haven't heard anything back from clients for weeks and even months whilst doing various projects for them. My latest email from a client gave me the idea as to why to post this mini evaluation because it really has been tough at times.

I've learnt that the client doesn't realise you have other work to do, so all that matters is there project. This is something quite basic but its amazing to think what they think you're doing all day. This email sums it up really..

Hi Adam,

So when I get them printed cepending on which back I chose the whole business card including th front will be in that colour forinstance if I chose red?

I not could you upload the selection of fronts in the different colours too?

I would also like my new website on these business cards instead of my vimeo add, just for now I will use the one you set up for me and buy a domain name later. Is a big ask but could you do all this by tomorrow so that I can send them off in the morning please?


I got this email at 9.50pm on Sunday. As much as I try to be as proactive as I can be, I must draw the line at some point.

Clients don't understand what I do This is again pretty basic but its something that is going to come up again and again. Trying to explain that an image is way too small to go to print has been the thing that has cropped up more than once on the same brief. When you've got loads of imagery coming from different sources, going through all those is a nightmare.

Clients don't know the meaning of deadlines The year book has been a major problem because of this. We've been knocked back on deadlines again and again for copy. I have to learn that I have to factor in extra time for big projects like this and get content and copy much quicker. The deadline for content was the last week in April and I am still waiting for some to come through .

Clients change their mind at the most unhelpful times In my experiences when attending meetings clients have a tendency to be upfront, honest and punctual, and most importantly, open. They like your ideas and the direction you're going and then much later attempt to change things. Could it be that they didn't understand what the pitch was or something else?

Clients have selective hearing This one is something that is totally new to me and should be dealt with better on my side to make sure we don't have problems later. I need to take more detailed minutes from meetings so the client is aware of what has been discussed because everything needs clarifying twice. I have started to record meetings and sending checklists and lists of things they need to do by the next meeting.

Don't get me wrong all this is good in terms of experience. This isn't a rant either, its a evaluation based on my personal experiences. I have dwelled on the bad experiences because I can take more from them and the good experiences were, well, good.


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