Statement of Intent - Updated

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Few little changes were made to this. This is still a starting point and it will be evaluated against regularly.

Tutorial with Fred

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I had a tutorial with Fred on friday, and all went as well as it could have. We went through my statement of intent picking out reference points which could inform my design context. Football, and info graphics seem to be the key to a good starting point. This would then open out to include new lines of research into how info graphics could be presented and then perhaps the production involved in experimenting with finishes and such. I have recently been looking at the format of a book and paper folding, which I know nothing about in truth. However, this could be a big opportunity to learn more about the subject, not just to inform one brief, but that could filter into others.

Fred commented that I was production focused and always my work always had a professional aesthetic as though it could be out there if I thought about the context a little more. This is something I really want to hit on in this module, and make sure my approach consists of more than sticking a logo on an iphone, a mug or a banner.

We discussed the briefs I had going at the minute, and he was happy with what briefs I had chosen but urged me to start on the Giant Killers brief as this brief was mine and I could do what I wanted with it. The other briefs should then run along side this.

Notes from the tutorial
- Challenge what profession expects
- Take risks to shape outcome
- Paper folding (Leeds History and recent downfall) Contextual research?
- Beauty of diagrams
- Start to develop contextual evidence
- Publication should map my practice (This book sums up my practice and interests)

Magdalena Czarnecki

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Massive typography, straight lines, and open grids. This is what graphic design is all about. This is definitely something I would love to explore in one or two of my briefs.

Xavier Encinas

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type driven identity, playing on symmetry between the first and last letterforms. Run across a range of stocks, particularly like the pastel business cards, which I could see potentially working with the business cards for my identities.

Pierce Paris
Minimal type offset by negative space. Ideal position on the envelope for contact details. Reversed out type on black will not work when as small as this.

Nelson Associations

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Type based logo, well crafted with nice balance. The use of stock also lifts this to a higher level. Production level also adds value.


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3 of the briefs that I intend to respond to. I feel that these briefs relate to my design practice and my interest in typography and layout will be suited to all three of them. Of course, the briefs here relate to differing outcomes, but all resolutions will have a focus on my interests.

Brief 2

Brief 3

Brief 5

Flatland book ideas

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These are the ideas for the cover of the book. I have decided I wanted to base the design around some sort of repetitive pattern, and have the type on their to compliment it.

These books could work as a series of covers for different editions. I will begin to mock them up soon. I am increasingly believing that the hard back books would be the best bet.

Live brief meetings

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In the attempt to get going with this live brief, designing 5 identities for 5 different students, I made a last attempt to round up the initial interest I had and work out a meeting to discuss the potential brand the clients want to build. Both Jennifer and Nicole arranged to have meetings with me yesterday to discuss initial ideas for the project.

I intend for this brief to run for longer than I expected, as each client has differing expectations and deadlines. I now have 2 out of the 4-5 identities I want to design with another 2-3 people showing interest.

I took some notes down from each meeting which I will scan and post here later.

Year Book - Moodboard

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Minimal copy, allows stock to bring attention. Really tactile feel.

Mash Creative
Printed using phosphorescent ink, this ties in with our idea perfectly.

Dale magazine
From the Behance network. Shows good use of overprinting type and image. Unsure how this would work when presenting work but may be able to be exercised on pages with quotes and images.

Património no território is the title of the next example by we work for knowledge. Particularly like the duotone image and text. Works well and could be achieved in the opening sections of the year book.

Finally this example designed by Ramon Lenherr caught my attention due to the stock. It looks like a pale pink, ultra thin uncoated stock which would could be used as an offset to the premium weight paper we could use for the work. The opening sections could make use of this stock to layout any copy and quotes.

Ashwin Patel.. Luke mentioned an idea similar to this.

Flatland Chapters

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I have mocked up every chapter in the book, and the content differs hugely from one chapter to the other. Joe said he didn't think it detracted from the format I had so I'll go with it, but some of the content was hard to fit in the current format.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chat with Joe

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Another good chat with Joe about my Flatland brief. I have got towards the end of the brief now, and showed him my ideas for the folding chap books, and he really liked it, but there is still some uncertainty of how it relates back to the book.

I explained I wanted to put emphasis onto the typography and target the people from ISTD in working with how the typography sits on the page and how it looks, rather than directly representing the book through its content. I haven't read the book but I picked up its themes and linked them to the concept for the front covers. By using the graph paper and the 2d and 3d objects I felt that this portrayed the concept well, but Joe and I both feel it is lacking something to make it stand out.

Joe told me to check out this video which is in two parts, and explains dimensions which goes with the theme of the book. If I can just explain the concept and how the folding of the book links to the content of the book, I'll have done the job.

The videos start to become harder to follow, but folding could be a way that I explain the jump from dimension to dimension.

Flatland mock up covers

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I'm unsure how these will exist within what I am proposing at the moment, but I found some old graph paper whilst searching for my pens, and liked the idea of using graph paper templates as a pattern for a front cover. The graph texture comes in when discussing the illustrations in the book.

I've tried it out with various graph textures and I will get some opinions from people once I figure I am going to do.

These layouts seem to fit better than the ones that bleed off the page.

Flatland full scale mock up prints

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The prints came out quite well on the paper I selected. Although, unexplainably the content has shifted somewhat so the margins and gutters don't tally up. This a minor thing that I will put right. Somehow the paper has shifted when printing. It's annoying, but I'll have to factor in some sort of contingency plan if it messes up again.

The next logical thing to do here is come up with something that will bring all the chap books together, and package it. Although this isn't the focus of the brief it will bring some closure.

Flatland final mock ups

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I've successfully created 3 of the chap books, and hopefully, will be printing them this afternoon. It's important choose a stock that can be folded easily and is relative similar to that of a book.

I really want some closure on this so I can either move on, or expand out the brief and package it.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Flatland ideas

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Whilst working on potential various for book covers for the Flatland brief, I decided to look more at how the packaging might be. The 2 sections of the book would be positioned in the box as so with a band around each. The box lid with then have the book cover on.

I also started to look at making a flatland mark, or logo. I didn't want any sort of icon or anything to accompany the type, and I plan to try different typefaces to see what would fit.

Flatland typefaces

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I have been looking at lots of different typefaces for the flatland brief. I intend on printing these to look into the legibility and readability of them for the content, as I really need a typeface that is clear and clinical, as this is the focus within the brief.

Group Tutorial w/ Lorenzo

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First tutorial of the module kicked off with a discussion with Lorenzo about the clarity of what we wanted to deliver during the module, and how the statement of intent and the briefs we select should correspond to make a water tight submission with an informed approach.

I immediately had to rethink my whole approach because I am unsure about my umbrella statement. I want it to tie in with my practice and not restrict me to working on briefs I will get bored of or restrict me from doing briefs I want to do in the future.

I still want to focus on design for print with high quality graphics and high end print where appropriate.

I also need to stop abiding so much to the original brief. Competition briefs are open to allow me to twist the outcome to what I consider my strengths or practice. I also need to start to write briefs that are linked to the subjects and themes outlaid in my statement of intent. I also need to think about whether the competition brief is a winnable submission or a portfolio piece.

Create 'stories' for the themes/subjects and produce graphic responses to them.

I need to keep in mind the product/range/distribution set up which will demonstrate not only my understanding but also show what I want in context.

I am clearer on what I want to do, and I need to just get on with it now.

I intend to finish the flatland brief sooner, rather than later and look for closure or to expand on what I end up with.

Flatland Mock ups

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My first flatland mock up needed a good bit of adjustment, due to narrower margins and gutters I wanted. I annotated the first mock up and made some amendments to the layout the second time around.

I plan to do one of these for each chapter.


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Pomme Chan Edition 1
This limited edition mailer featuring a four colour plus one special with foiled logo, was printed on GF Smith Ultra white eggshell stock and is one of 500 copies.

The mailer opens to reveal a full scale print on one side to adequately show the clients work in its most attractive setting. The typography on the back remains clean and clinical with a firm grid system in place that allows the content to be managed and flow freely. The layout offsets the intense graphic on the reverse side perfectly.

The mailer features a cleverly designed folded section that appears at the edge, when the document is folded, with the name of the artist and other information relating to the mailer.

This kind of work inspires me to want to collaborate with fine artists and photographers to get the work I do into context.

Two more briefs

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I have chosen to get involved in the Gary Barker publication brief and the Year Book briefs and I have posted them here to give a better understanding of what the briefs are about.


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Clemontin Jewellery stationary and packaging. Minimalist typographical driven design, with clean, crisp and focussed range.

The range stems from simplistic logotype. Lovely use of negative space and intense type work. This approach really allows the typeface to work without the distraction of imagery or illustration.

I feel this relates to my practice and focus for the year. I also think this kind of approach could work the fashion designers brief I could be doing.

Roses student awards

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Found this very small and open brief based on money in football. This could inspire me to respond to this with my own brief.

Brief 3. “Unbelievable Jeff!”
Money has completely changed football to an unrecognisable level. The game, the clubs, the players have all been distorted and removed from the fans and the communities in which they’re based. Your challenge— using any appropriate media—is to bridge the gap between a football club and its fans in an engaging, rewarding, and inspirational way that
makes them proud to be a supporter.

link to all briefs

Flatland chap books mockups

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Started to mock up these chap books. I've run into problems because the content in each chapter obviously varies. It's really annoying because some pages are blank, however, I'm unsure of how I can change it for the better.

I need to print one or two of these to scale to see it in its natural state.

Possible Collaborations/ new briefs

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Earlier today I sent out an email to the other 3rd years on different courses including, fashion, printed textiles, and photography. I immediately had some interest and had a meeting this afternoon with one of the fashion students.

This went well and I have given her a few things to think about before we move forward with the project. It's pretty clear that she was impressed with my work and wanted to a new identity which would run across a range of stationary, including, business card, compliment slip, envelope, and letterhead design.

I have also set up meetings with another possible contact in photography, and could end up working on the Photography promotion for the end of year show.

I need to speak to them to see what its all about and then speak to one of the tutors to discuss the feasibility of me taking on such a project.

Fubiz Network

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Minimalist Film Posters

Taken from the Fubiz network. These poster prints capture the attention through humour and put emphasis on small and significant plot lines. These prints are both simple and effective and would work well as limited screen prints.

These tend to relate to what I want to achieve with the movie poster brief, but I believe my prints will focus much more on typography.

The examples shown here, however, wouldn't constitute as high end printed material so I will have to think about how I can bring my practice and something like this together.